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Have you got a Blocked Drain or Leaking Pipe?

If so, help is at hand! Our company has the skills and tools to maintain all types of plumbing systems, fixtures and appliances.

Pipes with leaks cause expensive damage before the problem is visible from behind the walls of your home. Water could inflict some or lots of damage within a short time period, and make your property uninhabitable in the most severe circumstances. In addition, mold is a factor, because it spreads depending on how much water leaks, which then threatens the health of your loved ones.

Sometimes, leaks are hard to identify, and finding where they are promptly is what our expert plumbers can do. It is vital to diagnose your leak problem fast, and we do not hang about when doing this.

Some of the plumbing issues we can solve include:

  • Leaking toilets, sinks or bathtubs, replacement furnaces and hot water tanks, etc...
  • Blocked pipes and plumbing leaks
  • Pipe installment, pipe repairs and pipe replacement
  • Eroded or frozen pipes

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Is Your Springdale Plumbing System Leaking?

  • The Smell: A musty or mildew aroma usually indicates that you have an issue with water leaks. Generally speaking, a musty smell will not go away if the water is leaking inside your walls, because the interior of your walls will remain damp.
  • Staining: Have you got a dark copper or brown colored stain on a room ceiling? This might indicate that water is leaking from between the floorboards, or from the room above.
  • The Floors: If you notice that your floors are cracked, stained or buckled inexplicably, you might have water leaking beneath them.
  • Fungus: Have you discovered fungus in the corner of a room, maybe near the toilet, below the sink, or in another place? Fungus is usually accompanied by the smell of mildew, so finding the fungus, or being alerted to its’ existence, is usually quite straightforward.
  • Damage to the Walls: Have your walls become stained inexplicably, and has your wallpaper or paint started peeling off them? Have you noticed wallpaper falling off your walls in tiny pieces? If so, there might be water leaking behind them.

Quickly becoming aware that you have water leaking could save you lots of money on repairs and renovations. Always check for the red flags above, and – if you believe there is water leaking in your floors or walls – do not delay another second and get the issue examined and rectified. Kimbel Service has plumbers with great expertise in addressing leak problems from many years of real-world experience.

Faucets Leaking?

Are you aware that a leaking faucet that drips just three times per minute, could result in you wasting over 1000 water gallons in just a few months? This can be a big financial burden if you are on a water meter. In many cases, this is an easy thing to fix, and ultimately, it could help you save thousands or hundreds of dollars.

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