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No homeowner wants to put up with the nasty smells and sights that a sewer backup leads to.

And apart from the fact that it's just nasty, a clogged sewer can be dangerous, even posing a threat to life, as the blockage can lead to disease, damage to your home and furniture, and an electrical outage. Backed up sewer lines, tree roots looking for moisture, and heavy clogging can all be the culprit.

Sewer backups can cause these problems in your home, and we've also listed the method that are typically employed by a plumber to take care of them.

Your home is more prone to flooding as the cement walls and floors of your basement age and becomes less waterproof. Floodwaters and raw sewage can be kept out of your basement if you install a backwater valve, and doing so can potentially prevent major sewer backups.

Your local home improvement store sells backwater valves. It works by removing any excess water and halting the flow of water, thus avoiding any water or sewage damage.

For the valve to work most efficiently, you'll need to get a professional plumber to implement a new sewer line, having first dug through the floor of your basement. If you notice any leaks or cracks in the valve after it's been installed, you should immediately call a plumber.

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How To Fix A Sewer Backup

Sewer Drain Snake

Clogged drains can often be unclogged with a snake, a device that extends into your pipes and can be used during repairs. The snake can be used to check your pipe for any standing water; normally, the cable will be pointed in the direction of your home, although if there is any water, the drain machine cable will be closer to the street.

The plumber moves the snake backwards and forwards to check for any resistance indicating a clog, once the cable’s head has been taken off. Your sewer backup should be cleared effectively by moving the snake backwards and forwards a couple of feet each time.

Hydro Jetting

Pipes can be scoured and any accumulated debris removed by using a high-pressure jet of reverse action water, a technique known as hydro jetting. Built-up materials are removed under pressure when the specialized nozzle is used to give your pipes a thorough pressure washing.

Video Inspecting Pipes

Assessing the extent of any damage to sewer pipes and identifying any issues that can cause problems in the future is typically done by carrying out a video inspection. You don’t want to have to dig up your basement if it’s not really necessary, and this allows plumbers to identify problems accurately without having to guess. You can save money and prevent a lot of property damage by identifying these issues early on and then taking action.

Call an expert today if you suspect a sewer backup in your home. Letting a professional handle it can save time and money and can make sure you don’t have to deal with nasty sewer backups again.

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