Northwest Arkansas Whole House Generators

A lot of Northwest Arkansas residents count on a constant supply of electricity to keep their essential equipment operating relevant for their daily activities. Refrigerators can keep medications that are needed to survive. Operating monitors that detect the first indications of difficulties or warnings require a substantial amount of electricity, too. If you or a member of your family is unable to live without electricity (and when the power goes out, you are unsure of the time when it will return), then a generator is the only way to ensure relief that your alternative power supply is up and running. In life, you must have a backup power source in case your primary energy source fails.

A Dependable Generator For your Family And Home

Never lose power again with a Generac whole home backup generator w/ WIFI connectivity and professionally installed by Kimbel Service. A home backup generator can be sized to supply power to your entire home or just the essential items. A home backup generator runs on your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply.

Kimbel Service is an authorized dealer, certified to install Generac whole-home generators.

Our highly qualified electrician and plumber will visit your home to perform a load calculation to ensure appropriate equipment sizing. Kimbel Service will provide a free estimate which will include the price of the generator, installation, necessary permitting, and materials. We include a 6-month courtesy generator inspection in addition to our lifetime workmanship warranty with every install. Kimbel Service will also register your new generator which ensures accurate warranty coverage and gets you up-to-date information on your system.

Invest In a Home Backup Power Generator!

Our Generac Generators are available to all residents who want a dependable electricity supply to meet their energy requirements and prevent the hassle of power outages and major blackouts. We suggest and sell Residential Generac Generators since they provide superior service and quality. We also consider spare parts' availability in the event that we need them.

Reasons for Backup Generators in Northwest Arkansas

If your home lacks a generator, you may be putting your home and family's safety and well-being at risk. You may save thousands of dollars by keeping your house operational with a new generator. You can prevent the following problems when your home is powered by a generator:

Wasted Perishables: Food that's been defrosted and refrozen is more likely to go bad than frozen or refrigerated food. It may be costly and time-consuming to restock if food has gone bad and thawed out in the freezer. Generators can prevent this from happening.

Need for Shelter: the cost of a hotel room for your family may be hundreds of dollars per night, and it might be challenging to obtain in an emergency.

Temperature Extremes: The best way to prevent pipes from freezing and cracking over the winter is to utilize a backup generator, which can keep your water heater and climate control systems operating. This means that your home will continue to be livable, and you'll avoid pipes from freezing and breaking during the cold season.

Flooding: Water may back up into your house if your sump pump goes offline or unpowered, necessitating the removal of thousands of dollars in damaged assets, as well as the cleanup, remodeling, and replacement.

Dangers: A well-lit home is a secure one. If the power goes out or there is a widespread blackout, ensure your interior and external security measures are still operational to prevent crime or property damage.

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How much supply of backup power does your Northwest Arkansas home need?

The amount of backup power you'll need is determined by how much you want to be able to do when the electricity goes out. Do you need to still turn on the lights, maintain your refrigerator, have your air conditioner or your heating system running? The supply of alternative electricity you'll require will assist you in deciding on a Generac Generator size. We'll assess your energy requirements to help determine the ideal generator size for your home and your backup electricity needs.

How do emergency Standby generators work?

Our standby generator systems are permanently mounted or installed outside your property. They appear to be the same size as your outdoor air conditioner and take up about the same amount of outdoor floor space.

When the power goes out at your home, your standby generator system senses it and immediately activates to restore electricity to your entire house in no more than 20 seconds. The generator shuts down automatically when electricity is restored and transfer your home's electric supply to your utility provider.

Why do we install Generac home backup power generators?

  • They operate automatically.
    You'll never have to deal with the weather in order to start your generator in an emergency. And, regardless of whether you're at home or not, our generators will work automatically when the power goes out.
  • They run on natural gas.
    We connect your emergency power generator to your existing natural gas line, so you never have to fill it with gasoline or diesel, and you don't have to be concerned about it running out of fuel during a lengthy outage.
  • They are directly linked to your home's power.
    Our trusted technicians will have your emergency standby power system directly linked to your house's primary power supply, so you'll never have to run extension cords in your home again.
  • They're the most dependable and trusted brand.
    Generac is the most popular and the best brand of home backup power systems in Northwest Arkansas. Generac appliances are used by seven out of every ten people who install backup power, making it the trusted brand for your homes.

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